Rugged Old Diary

She collects her dreams in a rugged old diary.
Her thoughts are scribbled with every souvenir she has.
She writes of love and of broken hearts,
Of gut wrenching pain when lovers depart.
She writes of journeys she has yet to take,
Writes of people she has yet to meet.
For her the world was a single path,
she walks on it with shaky little steps,
so not to wake from their slumber,
the ones who think, for her, they know best.
She remembers every word she written, by heart.
Every word back since the moment, the start.
For imagine what colossal kind of loss she faced,
That she’d rather fall silent in the eyes of the crowds.
The world will never know of this epic tragedy.
When the story of a beautiful girl,
Will exist only in between the pages of a rugged old diary.

1:01 pm
4th May, 2017.


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